Sell Tungsten Alberton

  • ‘’This company is like something out of a dream! They are such a big help with the first step of the construction process- the demolition. They help clear up the site that we will be working on, making sure to remove all debris and any unwanted items on the site. Sell Tungsten Alberton leave the site looking perfect afterwards ,it makes our team so excited to start the construction job every single time. Sell Tungsten Alberton greatest part is unlike other demolition companies they charge very reasonable prices. On top of that they even pay you for whatever metals that they remove that they can recycle. It’s a win win situation for all construction companies. Also they still clear away the materials that they cannot recycle. Our company absolutely loves using you guys whenever we need a demolition done.’’- Rachel, Sea Point.
  • ‘’Hi there. I just wanted to applaud you guys on behalf of my team and my company. Sell Tungsten Alberton Construction , for those of you who don’t know , is a construction company who only uses recyclable materials. So when we stumbled upon a demolition company that recycles all materials that they possibly can from all demolitions, we knew it was meant to be. We love all that you stand for and we love your mission!’’- Lu, Sell Tungsten Alberton Construction, Alberton.
  • ‘’You guys really are on the ball when it comes to demolition. You have the best equipment. You have a hard working and extremely capable team. You guys always do an incredible job every time I have hired you. I have never ever been dissatisfied with your service and will use you with every demolition job I need done’’ – Peter, Highlands North.