Scrap Metal Alberton are a demolition company that loves to work together with various construction companies , helping them save some money. 

We are also a demolition company that loves recycling and loves helping the environment. We are Demolition Mission and we make it our mission to help you in the beginning phase of your construction work.  

We come in with all of our machinery, equipment and tools and demolish the site for you , removing absolutely everything whether it is recyclable or not. 

For the items we remove that can be recycled ,we even pay you for them! We know a lot of the time most demolition companies are expensive, that is why we go the extra mile and pay you for all the materials we can take to our very own scrap yard and recycle and resell. Don’t stress we do not just remove the items that can be recycled , we also remove the ones that can’t and drop them off at the landfills for you. 

We make the start of your construction so easy and painless for you. We do all of the dangerous work with all of the dangerous equipment like wrecking balls for you. 

This ensures that you will never have to spend extra money on equipment or extra training for your employees. 

Rather just leave the tough stuff up to Scrap Metal Alberton. Once we have demolished the sight we have our scrap metal assessors come to the site to identify all recyclable metals and separate them. Back at our scrap yard we then weigh the different types of metals and add up all the prices and then pay you for the metal we have taken to recycle. We give our customers two options to choose from. They can either get paid cash or have the money transferred into their company’s account, or the second option is that we just deduct what we owe you for the metal off of your bill, giving you a discount. The choice is entirely yours. We do not mind either option.