• What type of buildings do you guys demolish?

There is no building too big or too small. We demolish them all. Scrap Metal Alberton are very experienced and all of our employees are highly trained in order to give you the best possible results. Scrap Metal Alberton always make sure to clear everything in sight in order to give you the perfect new space to work with.

  • What areas do you operate in?

We work all over Johannesburg and Alberton.

  • How much do you pay for the recycled metal collected during demolition?

The price is always changing depending on the stock market. Our scrap metal assessors that come to the site are very clued up with all the latest pricing ,so they will never cheat you and will always pay you the correct amount after they have assessed it and added everything up. Also if you do not want the cash and would prefer we deduct the amount from what you owe us ,we can do just that.

  • How long have you guys been in the demolition industry for?

Our company has been operating for eleven years now. We started off as just one single branch in Johannesburg and over the years we have grown and now have many different branches all over Johannesburg and Cape Town too.

  • What happens to the materials that cannot be recycled ? Do we have to get rid of them or do you guys do it?

Scrap Metal AlbertonĀ  remove all materials from the site for you whether they can be recycled or not. We take all of the recyclable metals to our scrap yard and we take everything that cannot be recycled to the local landfill.