Scrap Metal Dealer Aldarapark

Scrap metal dealer Aldarapark

Scrap metal dealer Aldarapark is a scrap metal  company with a mission. It says so right there in the name.  Our mission is to save construction companies some money whilst doing demolitions for their next project.  Scrap metal dealer Aldarapark  are also fanatics for helping save the environment and we do so by recycling all of the metals that we clear from all demolition sites and take them to our company’s scrap yard, where we recycle and resell the metals so that rather than mining more raw materials, the old ones can just get reused and they are still just as effective as the first time they were created.
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Our company is growing larger by the year. We have many different branches all over Johannesburg and all over Aldarapark.

Think of our company as your muscle men, doing all of the tough nitty gritty work for you. Scrap metal dealer Aldarapark  work with all the dangerous machinery, tools and equipment so that you don’t have to. It makes your construction company not need as much equipment or as many labourers.

Service areas:
Alberante, Albertsdal, Alrode, Bassonia Rock, Brackendowns, Bracken Gardens, Brackenhurst, Eden Park, Florentia, Geldenhuis Estate, General Albertspark, Mayberry Park, Meyersdal, Elandshaven, Kromvlei, Lovers Walk, New Market, New Redruth, Othandweni, Palmridge, Raceview, Randhart, South Crest, Southdowns, Tokoza, Verwoerdpark, Mpilisweni, Palmietfontein, Rietvlei, Roxton, Zwartkoppies

It makes your company a safer place to work. Of course all of our employees are highly skilled and have been through vast amounts of training. Scrap metal dealer Aldarapark  come to the site before your construction company does anything and we start tearing it apart so that you will have a fresh workspace to start building your visions. When we say tear up, we do mean in the most tidy manner of course. We are very cautious with our demolition as we would never want to destroy any neighbouring buildings or infrastructures that are nearby.

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Scrap metal dealer Aldarapark are very proud to say that not once have we ever harmed any buildings or sites in the demolition of our projects. Once we start taking down all that is on site , we have our assessors who know metal like no other to come and separate the different types of metals. They know exactly which metals are ferrous and which are non ferrous. They know how to identify all sorts of metals, even the rare ones.

Scrap metal dealer Aldarapark
Scrap metal dealer Aldarapark

Scrap metal dealer Aldarapark then have two separate sets of trucks to transport all the materials off the site. The one set of trucks transport all the materials that cannot be recycled and take them to the landfills. The other set of trucks transport all of the metals that can be recycled and take them to our scrap yard where we weigh the different types of metals, tally up the different amounts owed and then we pay you for all of the metals which we removed off of your site. We have two forms of payment. The first is we can literally give you the money for the metals, and the second way is rather to deduct the amount we owe you for the metals off your bill. It is entirely up to you. Whichever way you would prefer to benefit.

After we have settled what we owe you, we get to work on our very own scrap yards, starting by cleaning the metals as best we can. One the metals are in a more salvageable condition, Scrap metal dealer Aldarapark  then melt them down with the relevant equipment and safety gear and resell the melted down metals to companies who use recycled metals in their products.